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About me.


When I first started painting obviously I made paintings like the famous painting by Vermeer `het Meisje met de parel` or ´Titus´ by Rembrandt or `het Oester eetstertje` by Jan Steen. And of course I made still live paintings and landscapes like everbody does in the beginning. I was able to sell one or two of these paintings after an exhibition. 

In this period of my life I made a trip to Papua, New Guinea. I was deeply moved by the circumstances among which these people have to live. But in their poverty it was exceptional to see what happiness can come from just simple things. Back in Holland for example I collected all kind of spectacles and with a hugh amount of them I returned to Papua. So for some of them some of their problems were solved. It also inspired me to make happy paintings for children, that now are still on the walls of a childrens care in New Guinea.

That period was followed by a period of painting portrets. I tried different styles while painting the portrets of my children and grand child. Not only portrets of people were the subject of my paintings, but also various animals. Some of these paintings found new owners and a few were made on request.

In 2013 I was invited to give workshops to little children in a child service in Middelharnis, Netherlands. It is nice to see how they choose their own colors and create their own work with just a little help. Summer 2015 I gave another three workshops at the same place again.

A few years ago my sister made a remark that looking at stones is so soothing. Now it happens that my family name is (translated) stone, so that inspired me to make paintings of stones and pebbles. Their shapes can be so differently composed that no painting is the same as the other. If you look closely you can for example see pebbles eating each other, pebbles looking like animals, animals hided in a rock and what ever you can imagine. The result was enthusiastic comments. Almost immediately some of them were sold in the Netherlands and another one found a new owner when the painting was exhibited in the gallery of Arte Algarve in Lagoa, summer 2014. But still I have a broad interest in different styles and compositions. And I am inspired by a great variety of challenges. I hope my work will show it.  

In 2020 the world was startled by the Covid virus causing many to lose their jobs. And as I find out earlier in Papua New Guinea, little things can make all the difference in difficult times when people can barely make ends meet. For that reason, from 2021, I will periodically donate some of my paintings to families or non profit organisations in my neighbourhood. Hopefully looking at my painting on a wall of a home or institution will bring a little joy in these hard times.

A painting is created in my imagination first, so it is never copied and it is always original. Then I start painting and during that process my imagination goes on and the original idea is often slightly changed on the canvas. I am told to distinguish myself by a particular use of colors. If that is so is for you to judge. 

I hope that looking at my paintings give you the feeling of dreaming away in your own imaginary world. Please enjoy visiting my website.